Rudolf Gabert

Shihan Rudolf Gabert
Ido Successor

The art of Ido was developed by Shihan Wally Strauss, founder of Idokan International, in the mid 1970’s. The premise of Ido is one of Infinite movement as such it is the path (way) to infinite movement.

Through Shihan Wally’s experience of Tai Chi in China, Wally blended Tai Chi with Judo. On the surface this looks like an unlikely combination. However Wally was able to create an art that was flowing like Tai Chi but with the actions of Judo.

Shihan Wally made extensive use of Tai Sabaki (Body movement), Kuzushi (unbalancing) techniques, Rensoku Waza (continuous attacks moving from one to the next) and Renraku Waza (counter techniques).

After Shihan Wally’s death in 1988 the responsibility of Ido and Idokan International was passed to Shihan Hans Schöllauf from Vienna, Austria. Who in 2003 passed the mantle to Shihan Rudolf Gabert from Penzberg, Germany. Shihan Rudolf Gabert is the current President of Idokan International and has the sole responsibility of developing and issuing grades in Ido.

Through the work carried out by Shihan Hans Schöllauf and Shihan Rudolf Gabert Ido has been extended to include Jujutsu and Karate.

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