This class is suitable for people aged from 16+ years

The program focuses on the Kata from the ZNKR Iaido curriculum. There will also be the opportunity to learn some Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido. Students will have the opportunity to attend seminars and competitions organised by the Australian Kendo Federation. All Kata are performed against an imaginary opponent. The execution of the Kata requires a very high degree of precision and timing. There is a Japanese term that describes this, Ki Ken Tai Ichi (気剣体一). It means “Mind, sword and body working as one”.

The program teaches
• Etiquette when handling the sword
• Sword Kata from the ZNKR Iaido curriculum
• Proper use and care for the sword
• Moderate cardio workout
• Strength conditioning
• Mind and body coordination

Posted by on July 25, 2014