The Bushido Instructors Association was first formed in 1999. It was setup by a group of individual instructors with common ideals, who wanted to ensure instructors behaved and taught in an ethical manner. The Samurai is seen as an icon of truth, honesty and integrity so it was decided to adopt the unwritten code of the Samurai – Bushido. After discovering its European heritage the Bushido Instructors Association changed its name to Idokan Australia.

After Idokan Australia’s Inaugural Open Seminar in July 2008, it was felt that there was a need for the Bushido Instructors Association (BIA). So BIA was reformed.

The charter for BIA is to help martial artists of all disciplines to come together and share knowledge and friendship. This will be achieved by presenting seminars (in conjunction with Idokan Australia) and encourage schools to interact with each other on a less formal basis. It is also intended that members of BIA will commit to a fellowship of respect and helping each other.

Membership to BIA is not limited to just Japanese arts. Martial artists from all martial disciplines are welcomed.

Posted by on July 22, 2014