Kevin Walsh

Shihan Kevin Walsh
Rishin Kan Jujutsu

7th Dan Jujutsu, Kyoshi
7th Dan Ido
6th Dan Judo, Renshi
4th Dan Iaido
3rd Dan Jodo





Shihan Kevin began training in 1970 under Sensei Robert Smith 4th Dan, in a small dojo in Heidelberg, Melbourne. In 1973 Sensei Robert closed his dojo at which point Shihan Kevin became a member of Shihan Wally Strauss’ organisation Jiu Jitsu and Judo Instructors Association under Shihan Barry Bradshaw. In 1978 he passed his Shodan (1st Dan) grading in Judo and Jujutsu.

In 1980 Shihan Barry and Shihan Wally parted company, with Shihan Barry establishing the Australian Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Chinese Boxing Federation of Instrustors, with Sifu Albert Lau appointed as the Chinese Boxing technical director, Sensei Adam Bradshaw was appointed as the technical director for Jujutsu and Shihan Kevin was appointed as a technical director for Judo. Shihan Kevin continued to train within this organisation, running classes at Heidelberg, Kensington and Craigieburn plus attending classes in Carlton and North Melbourne. Along with Shihan Leanne they established the Craigieburn dojo in 1991 and it is still in operation today.

In 1998, a number of black belts left Shihan Barry’s organisation and in 1999 established the Bushido Instructors Association. As part of forming the organisation, they set about re-establishing the lineage into Shihan Wally’s organisation in Europe. After Shihan Wally’s death in 1982, his organisation in Australia had dissolved. This process was to mark a major renaissance in Shihan Kevin’s life and martial arts training.

Kevin Walsh

Teaching in France

The search led them to Idokan International and the opportunity to travel to Europe to present their skills at a seminar in Germany, hosted by Idokan International Technical Director, Shihan Rudolf Gabert in 2001. During their stay they formed a bond with Shihan Rudolf and his organisation. A bond that resulted in Shihan Kevin being invited to represent Idokan in Australia, with permission to issue grades in Jujutsu and Judo under license from Idokan International.

Since then, Shihan Kevin and Shihan Leanne, together with other Idokan Australia black belts have taught and demonstrated in Germany, France, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, Hungry and Japan.

Through the contact with Shihan Rudolf Shihan Kevin met Shihan Wolfgang Wimmer, the German Dai Nippon Butoku Kai International Division representative who invited Shihan Kevin and Shihan Leanne to become members of DNBK ID. In 2006, at a seminar in Belgium, Shihan Kevin was examined for his 6th Dan Jujutsu by DBNK ID Chair Hanshi Hamada and other Honbu instructors which he passed successfully. At the same event he received an award for his Jujutsu display and they received a team award for their Judo display. Since then Shihan Kevin has been examined for 7th Dan Jujutsu, Kyoshi Jujutsu, 5th Dan Judo, Renshi Judo and 3rd Dan Iaido.

Shihan Kevin has led groups of Idokan Australia members to Kyoto Japan where they have trained and demonstrated at the Butokuden, the ancestral home of Japanese martial arts. Our team brought home many individual and team awards. Shihan Kevin has been appointed as the Australian Coordinator for the DNBK International Division.

In 2005 Shihan Kevin and Shihan Leanne commenced training in Iaido and Jodo. Together they have attended and performed at many Iaido seminars throughout Australia and overseas. In 2012 they were examined and passed their 3rd Dan examinations in Iaido and Jodo.

Kevin Walsh

Demonstrating in England

In 2008, recognising the need to bring instructors from all styles together, Shihan Kevin re-established the Bushido Instructors Association. The Bushido Instructors Association was formed as a vehicle for martial artists of all disciplines to come together and share their Budo knowledge and spirit.

When their lifelong friend Shihan Wendy Carroll developed terminal cancer in 2010 Shihan Kevin created the organisation Fight for Life. Since then there have been many National and International seminars raising money for cancer research.

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